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For Immediate Press Release: New Product Release

Quest Controls Moves to the Next Level of IIoT Monitoring & Management with OspreyFMS® 4.0 Release

Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of OspreyFMS 4.0. A new platform with a new back-end and front-end built from the ground up for unparalleled responsiveness and flexibility in graphics, dashboards, reports, data retrieval and redundancy.

  • Support for incoming web services including Utility & Weather Feeds
  • XML formatted output for integration with other enterprise applications
  • Support for feed from other applications
  • Support for open protocols
    – BACnet IP, SNMP and Modbus TCP
  • Completely browser based
  • Integrated Alarm Reporting throughout the OspreyFMS interface
  • Searchable Alarm Trends
  • Advanced Trap Filtering
  • Flexible / Multiple condition alarm monitoring
  • Alarms distributed by priority and sub-system
  • Definable user availability
  • Alarm suppression by equipment or sub-system
  • Acknowledgements
  • Alarm Trends Reporting
  • Graphically rich tiles provide information in a clear and efficient way
  • All data is completely configurable
  • Automatically organizes data based on application
  • Pop-ups provide details on data
  • 24-hour “snap shot” graph of individual point performance
  • User-defined grouping options – e.g. location, system, etc.
  • Upload site plans, schematics and photos of your facility & equipment
  • Ability to drag & drop individual points or controls onto the plan
  • Support for animations
  • Link to other plans & URLs
  • Overlay annotations and descriptive text
  • Comprehensive history of SNMP Traps & Alarms
  • Configurable output
  • Advanced, multi-condition search
  • Clear presentation based on criticality and status
  • Expandable details on location, devices and previous incidents
  • Download output in
    XLS format
  • Instantaneous reports on one or several network points
  • Choose days, weeks, months or longer
  • All data from the network is automatically trended
  • Data is stored indefinitely
  • Graphs are zoomable with hover-over support
  • Download data as an
    XLS file
  • Run of generators and assurance of compliance to PSAP standards
  • Notes on exceptions
  • Analysis of fuel used and generated power
  • Integration of generator alarms


  • Easily configure curtailment scenarios utilizing onsite generators
  • Generators are automatically selected by curtailment priority and target kW
  • Includes functionality for
    warm up and cool down
    and buffer kW
  • Utility market can also be specified to eliminate sites
    not needed in curtailment
  • Exceptions are made for specific generator alarms
  • Users can override
    automatic selections
  • Track aggregate kW curtailment in real-time. OspreyFMS® automatically adjusts to targets
  • Track fuel usage in real-time
  • Integrates alarms and notifies users of any potential issues so adjustments can be made
  • Make corrections or modifications to event from the dashboard
  • Report output notes aggregate max kW, total kWh, fuel consumed and total time in curtailment. All information is broken out by individual site / generator as well
  • Instant programming writes to multiple pieces of equipment and / or facilities
  • Global Changes by Region, Building Type or entire Enterprise
  • Support for scheduled changes
  • Confirmation of successful writes
  • Report outlining successful and failed writes

Through a single secure interface, OspreyFMS can monitor all your hospital facilities and labs saving money by reductions in: energy use, multiple software platforms, license fees, and your overall carbon footprint.

Intuitive Robust Building Health Software

Data collected from any manufacturer, meter, or asset is remotely analyzed, recorded, and reported through Quest Controls OspreyFMS platform. OspreyFMS is a fully scalable solution for monitoring and alarm notification of all Hospital infrastructure assets, including HVAC, UPS, Fuel Tank, Oxygen Pressure, power distribution components, generators, fire-detection, security systems, and other communicating sub-systems from hundreds of manufacturers – all on one screen saving you time, energy use while providing reports needed during accreditation audits.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Multiple dedicated dashboards for viewing your equipment and systems in a way most comfortable for the user – including dedicated analytics and graphical dashboards.

Compatible with Any System

We recognize that our hardware isn’t the only option on the market. We want to ensure that whatever the situation you have the ability to leverage the power of OspreyFMS - that’s why it’s hardware agnostic. Whether your systems communicate in BACnet, Modbus, SNMP or other published protocols, we can readily integrate it into OspreyFMS.

Heatmap with Timeline

Instead of viewing the facility at the present moment, the Heatmap Timeline gives users an animated, visual tool that shows the performance of the points over time illustrating hard-to-detect problems and trends.

Portfolio-Wide Visibility

Most software is tailored to a single-site, OspreyFMS is a true multi-site solution. From the dashboard all the way to the reports, everything is designed to digest and present data from all of your locations. OspreyFMS contextualizes and summarizes the data to maintain usefulness.

Detailed Analytics

OspreyFMS has demonstrated significant savings for many of our customers. Through the automatic trending of all monitored data and then overlaying real-time kW / kWh costs into equipment performance, you understand dynamics never previously apparent. Early detection of maintenance issues, excessive runtimes, out-of-sync operational settings, and verification of correct vendor supplied equipment operation are some of the many reports available.

True IoT Leverage

Lots of sensors, lots of possibilities. The promise of IoT is frustratingly elusive. We take all of those points and make it into something usable and actionable. OspreyFMS transforms data into information.

Intuitive Interface

If it requires that you’re an engineer to use the software, then the battle is already lost. OspreyFMS is based on a cultivated user experience, tailored to the individual user accessing it. Couple this with the emphasis on a consistent, intuitive experience makes OspreyFMS inviting for users to explore and engage.

The OspreyDCM™ Platform

Power System Management
Superior monitoring & alarming of PDUs, DC-Plants & UPSs.