Replacement for Sierra Monitor Controller

TELSEC Family of Products

SNMP Alarm Management

Web Browser for Status & Configuration

Email Alarm Messaging

UL Approved Panel Configuration

1 Year Warranty

TELSEC CEV Panel for monitoring and control applications in remote site CEVs is a replacement for Sierra Monitor equipment

The TELSEC® CEV Panel provides an integrated solution to monitor and control all environmental and equipment alarming in remote CEVs for new construction and retrofit applications The TELSEC CEV Panel provides a direct replacement for any existing electromechanical or electronic controls in remote CEVs:

  • Performs all control, monitoring, and communication functions in a single product.

  • Provides critical visibility to the remote CEV via 2-way communications, which enables remote interrogation of the sites from any alarm and/or maintenance center.

  • Delivers critical battery monitoring during discharge: predicted battery capacity and time remaining until low voltage disconnect is calculated constantly. The TELSEC will generate an alarm when the capacity or time remaining is below user programmable thresholds.

  • Provides power relays for controlling air conditioners, vent fans, and heaters.

  • Replaces older generation thermostats, humidistats, lead/lag controllers, mechanical bypass timers, and other electromechanical components.

  • NEBS Level III Approved Controller.

Acting as your smart eyes and ears, the TELSEC delivers large savings and quick payback by:

  • Reducing energy costs via intelligent HVAC control strategies.
  • Reducing visits to remote sites.
  • Eliminating downtime by acting as an early warning system.
  • Reducing capital expenditures by replacing multiple devices to accomplish the same task.
  • Extending life of critical operating equipment including air conditioners, generators and power equipment.
  • Providing remote visibility and 2-way communications.

TELSEC ESB2 Features

  • 10/100Mb Ethernet Connectivity.

  • Supports SNMP v1, v2c, v3.

  • Alarms notification via TL1 over nailed up session, SNMP traps/informs & email.

  • Monitors individual battery voltage and string voltage.

  • Intelligent lead/lag control of multiple A/C Units.

  • Intrusion Monitoring.

  • Built-in craft port supports local serial communications.

  • 5 password levels, up to 50 passwords.

  • Non-volatile FLASH memory prevents program loss & stores program upgrades.

  • Monitors all environmental alarms such as: temperature, humidity, fire/smoke, toxic and combustible gas, high water, halon discharge.


  • Simple to install & program
  • Can be configured through a web browser or upload a config file
  • Real time view of your facility and critical equipment
  • Reduces visits to Remote Sites
  • Low cost solution for remote monitoring of your critical facilities
  • Eliminates downtime by acting as an Early Warning System


Part Number

Number of Outputs

Input Types (32)
All universal inputs can be analog (0-5 VDC or 0-20 mA), dry contact closure or wet contact (±65 VDC)

TELSEC® Output Types (16)
Normally Open (NO), 1 amp at 30VDC, 0.3 amps at 60VDC, 0.5 amps at 125VAC

Panel Control Relays (12)
1-Vent Fan, 24VDC coil, 30 amps, 2-Cool, 24VDC coil, 30 amps, 1-Heat, 24VDC coil, 30 amps

1-Emergency Lights, 24VDC coil 10 amps, 1-Work Light, 24VDC coil 10 amps, 1-AC Fail, 240VAC coil 10 amps,

1-Sump Pump, 24VDC coil 10 amps, 1-Red/Green Light, 24VDC coil 10 amps, 1-Dehumidifier, 24VDC coil 10 amps,

1-Damper, 24VDC coil 10 amps, 1-Changeover, 48VDC coil 10 amps

80db at 1M

Dual Feed (A&B) ±18 to 65 VDC, 0.5 amps. Optional 120/110 VAC, 60Hz, 0.25 amps

Front Panel
Built-in user interface with 8 keys and a 32-character backlit LCD Display

Serial Port
One (1) Asynchronous db9 RS232 serial port for craft access. Programmable for speed, parity, and bit format

Three (3) serial ports software configurable for RS232, RS485 or RS422. Management Console for out of band access

Network Interface (option)
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

Network Protocols Supported
IPv6, IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, DNP3, RADIUS Password Authentication, NTP, SMTP (email), SSHv2, Telnet, TL1, SNMP v1, v2c and v3 for Gets, Sets and traps/informs

Alarm Transmission
TL1 over Telnet up to nine locations, SNMP Traps or Informs to four locations, email to nine addresses 

Logs all inputs, outputs, and alarms over 10,000 points

I/O Terminals
Two (2) 50-pin Amphenol® connectors for outputs, discrete and analog inputs. Supports 2 wire (tip and ring), connections
for each point using 25 pair cable

Backup Battery
Long-life lithium. 10-year shelf, 1.5 years under load

Sensor Accuracy
Temp: ±1°F (±0.5°C), Humidity: ± 2% of range. Temperature and Humidity sensors included

Ambient Operating Temp
-40 to 180°F (-40 to 82°C), 0-95% RH Non-condensing

NEBS Level III Approved, UL Listed, CE

24.375"H x 16.375"W x 6.625"D (619 H x 416 W x 168 D mm)

Shipping Weight
55 lb (25kg)

1 year


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