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Energy Management Solutions for Remote Critical Infrastructures


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The RSC 1000™ Site Controller with IP connectivity is specifically designed for use in all remote facilities. It provides control & monitoring of the site’s AC Units, Power Meters, Generators, Fuel Cells, Solar Panels and Fuel Tanks. The RSC 1000 includes a touch screen display and direct support for Modbus communication to any compatible device. In a single-box solution, users can maximize their visibility and control into their facility.


Quest has boldly reimagined the control and monitoring experience of remote CI structures using touch screen technology. Operators can manage the Site Controller using custom graphics created for users of varying expertise. The high resolution display makes the RSC 1000 easy to use by the local technician to monitor and control the site’s HVAC units and manage peripheral systems connected via Modbus RTU. The

RSC 1000 allows the end-user to improve quality, reduce maintenance costs, shrink energy consumption and boost productivity through intelligent remote management of the facility. The RSC 1000 Controller is specifically designed for use in remote sites offering added value of the latest in facility automation. Expand RSC 1000 to support up to four HVAC units with the RSC-ACX.


  • Utilities/Telecommunication/Cable & Broadband – Remote Cabinets & Shelters
  • Data / Switching / Computer Centers / COs / Headends & Hubs


  • Base system controls up to two air conditioning units for cooling, heating, vent and economizer, plus a separate exhaust fan. Supports single stage, two stage cooling and heat pumps.
  • Expandable to control an additional two air conditioning units.
  • Uses Quest’s patented economizer control algorithm to dynamically adjust settings to optimize the use of outside air for cooling. (U.S. Patent No. U.S. 10,267,529 B2)
  • Analog outputs for direct control of economizer dampers and variable speed supply fans.
  • Alarm outputs for high temperature, low temperature, smoke/fire, HVAC unit power failure, compressor lockout, generator running and controller failure.
  • Standard configuration controls, monitors, and alarms inside temperature and humidity.
  • Lead/Lag or Lead/Standby control of AC Units with programmable changeover time of 1‑168 hours.
  • Automatic changeover upon HVAC failure.
  • Comfort Mode—ability to change setpoints to a Comfort Mode with automatic reset. Time delay is user defined.
  • Programmable settings for control and alarm setpoints with built in limits to prevent personnel from adjusting the settings out of range.
  • Menu-driven interface.
  • Exhaust fan control to purge facility when gas is present or in a high temperature condition. Automatic shutdown when smoke or fire is detected.
  • Graphical touch screen color display. 4.3” diagonal size with 24 bit TrueColor.
  • Redundant Power—24 VAC power from AC#1, AC#2 or external transformer plus 24 VDC / 48 VDC power from DC plant.
  • Ethernet communications with support for IPv6, IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS Password Authentication, SNMP v1, v2c and v3 and SMTP (Email).
  • Data logging to monitor performance of the facility and HVAC systems, to include compressor runtime & cycles, indoor & outdoor temperature/humidity, supply & mixed air temperatures, energy consumption, etc.
  • Expanded monitoring and control—Additional inputs and outputs to take direct control of economizer dampers and/or adjust temperature setpoints based on current load of DC Plant.
  • Modbus RTU Communications—Supports communicating to Modbus RTU enabled equipment such as KW meters, generators, fuel level sensors and HVAC systems.
  • Zone 1 temperature sensor is included with the base system.


Part Number: 150982

Mounting: Wall mount

Inputs: 10 dry contact digital inputs (Normally Open/Closed), 7 Thermistor Inputs (10k Type3), and three 0-20 mA sensors

Digital Outputs: 21 digital outputs – (8 SPST, 5 SPDT) 8 amp at 250 VAC, 5 amps at 300 VDC, (8 SPDT) 1 amp at 30 VDC, .5 amps at 125 VDC

Analog Outputs: 4 analog outputs selectable for 0-10VDC or 4-20 mA

Power: 24 VAC power from AC#1, AC#2 plus a separate 24 VAC or 18-65VDC

Front Panel: Color Touch Screen LCD 4.3” diagonal with 24-bit TrueColor.  WQVGA resolution (480 x 272)

Serial Port: 2 RS-485 (2 wire) for RSC ACX expansion modules and Modbus RTU

Network Interface: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

Protocols Supported: IPv6, IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS Password Authentication, SMTP (email), SNMP v1, v2c and v3 for Gets, Sets and traps/informs

Logging: Logs data for inputs, outputs ,alarms, control states and Modbus registers

Software: Built-in web server supports all modern web browsers (e.g. IE 6+, Firefox 1.5+, Chrome)

I/O Terminals: 2 piece pull-off terminals for all field wiring

Battery: Long life lithium: 10 year shelf life, 1.5 years under load

Temp/Humidity Sensor Accuracy: Temp: ±1°F (±0.5°C). Temperature Sensor Standard, Optional Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor (PN 150749), Temp: ±1°F (±0.5°C), Humidity: ±3% of range

Ambient Operating Temp: 23° to 131°F (-5° to 55°C), 0-95% RH Non-condensing

Dimensions: 11.25”W x 16.25”H x 3.5”D (286 x 413 x 89 mm)

Weight: 6 lb. (2.7 kg)

Warranty: 1 year

Specifications subject to change without notice.

I/O Summary

Inputs: 20
Analog Inputs: 10
Room Temperature Sensor(Zone 1 is included in base system): 1
Additional Room Temp sensor (Zone 2): 1
HVAC Supply Temp: 2
HVAC Mixed Air Temp: 2
Indoor Humidity: 1
Outdoor Air Temperature: 1
4-20mA Inputs (Future): 2
Digital Inputs: 10
Low Voltage HVAC Power Loss: 2
Commercial Power Fail: 1
Generator Running: 1
HVAC Lockout Monitor: 2
Fan/Filter/Econ Status: 2
Gas Alarm: 1
Smoke/Fire: 1
Digital Outputs: 21
Digital Outputs for Control: 13
AC #1 Supply Fan: 1
AC #1 Cool 1: 1
AC #1 Cool 2: 1
AC #1 Heat 1: 1
AC #1 Emergency Vent: 1
AC #1 Auxiliary (SPDT): 1
AC #2 Supply Fan: 1
AC #2 Cool 1: 1
AC #2 Cool 2: 1
AC #2 Heat 1: 1
AC #2 Emergency Vent: 1
AC #2 Auxiliary: 1
Exhaust Fan (SPDT): 1
Digital Outputs for Alarm (SPDT): 8
HVAC Failure: 2
Smoke/Fire: 1
High Temp (Stage 1&2): 2
Low Temp: 1
High Humidity: 1
Generator Running: 1
Analog Outputs: 4
AC #1 Economizer Damper: 1
AC #1 Supply Fan: 1
AC #2 Economizer Damper: 1
AC #2 Supply Fan: 1
Serial Networks (RS-485)
Modbus Registers/Points: 512

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Available Sensors

Part Number: 151045 RSC ACX – Expansion Module Used to control an additional HVAC system. The RSC 1000 supports two RSC ACX modules

Part Number: 151018 Standard Temperature Monitoring Bundle Includes (2) 8” Duct Mounted Temp Sensors (pn#300199) and (1) Wall Mounted Zone sensor (pn#150681)

Part Number: 151019 Extended Temperature Monitoring Bundle Includes (2) 8” Duct Mounted Temp Sensors (pn#300199), (1) Wall Mounted Hum/Temp Sensor (pn#150749) and (1) Outdoor Temp Sensor (pn#150747-C)

Part Number: 151020 Economizer Monitoring Bundle Includes (2) 8” Duct Mounted Temp Sensors (pn#300199), (1) Wall Mounted Hum/Temp Sensor (pn#150749), (1) Outdoor Temp Sensor (pn#150747-C) and (2) Bullet Probe Temp Sensors (pn#510049)

Part Number: 150681 Zone temperature sensor (thermistor) Indoor wall mount enclosure

Part Number: 150749 Zone temperature sensor (thermistor)/ Humidity (3%/4-20mA) Wall Mount

Part Number: 510049 Thermistor 10K bullet probe, 18” Universal sensor used for indoor temp air monitoring applications.

Part Number: 300199 Supply air temperature (thermistor) sensor, bell box duct mount with 8” probe

Part Number: 150747-C Outdoor Temperature sensor (thermistor) – Weatherproof

Part Number: 301008 Fan Run Monitor – Split-Core Current Switch Adjustable Trip Point – Output Ratings: N.O. 1.0 A @30 VAC/DC, Setpoint: Adjustable, 0.5 A or less, Range: 0.5 to 175 A continuous, not polarity sensitive (terminal strip, accepts #14-24 AWG Wire)

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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