QNOC – Facility Monitoring Services

Top-Tier Facility Management and Remote Remediation


Quest Controls’ QNOC services are best-in-class facility monitoring, alarming, and dispatch. We specialize in guiding technicians through installation and commissioning, ensuring compliance to corporate standards, and supporting onsite staff and service personnel.

What truly differentiates us is our emphasis on connecting a service request directly and immediately to a qualified QNOC technician. No more waits. No more vague answers. Our technicians average 15 years of industry experience, and will walk you through potential resolutions until the problem is resolved.

With QNOC services, you can be confident that your facility systems and critical equipment are operating at peak performance, employees are supported, and your desired customer experience is realized.

“We’ve learned that not all monitoring services are created equal. We have seen over a 20% reduction in dispatches with the QNOC compared to our previous provider.”

– QNOC Customer


Legacy and future systems

Complete support, guaranteed. All your systems and equipment are eligible for QNOC support. We dig deep to comprehensively understand manufacturer specifications, management options, and maximize monitoring visibility. If we are not already the experts with the equipment, we educate ourselves to be.

Qualified technician on the phone, every time

Nobody likes to stay on hold. The QNOC is staffed to handle calls immediately, with the right person on the other end. Our customers have consistently rated us as one of their best vendors to work with; find out why.


All of your facilities – one monitoring service

No matter the equipment, no matter the type of building, we can monitor it. We monitor everything from restaurants and distribution facilities to data centers and offices – all with one team and all of that data merged into one source.

Customer Comfort, Maximum Savings

We don’t stop with dispatch and alarm remediation. Working with our QES group, we also ensure ongoing energy savings. Our customers have seen a 100% increase in savings from time of commissioning and year-over-year savings of 5% or more.


Service savings from Day One

Because we qualify every incoming call and work request, we have reduced dispatches and repeat visits by 20% when compared to other monitoring services. Our program is tailored to your needs and we invest ourselves to maximize every savings possible.