COSYS™ Q2 - IoT Technology

Next generation building & environmental management

Do you ever feel like the building controls technology is about five steps behind other industries? The COSYS Q² system is the first system that feels contemporary – leveraging current technology without feeling gimmicky. Most importantly, the Q² enhances your ability to manage and effectively monitor & control building environments.

A Hub of Sensors

The Q² comes in an appealing package bundled with the sensors to give a true view of environmental conditions. Room temperature, humidity, occupancy sensor, IR blaster – even a LED ring light and speaker for subtly (Or not so subtly) communicating the status of the equipment to people on site.

True Space Measurement

A typical temperature sensor is mounted on the wall, perhaps in a location that reflects the zone of control, often not. The Q² sends out an IR mesh that truly measures the entire zone for an accurate reading of the space. No more calls indicating that it’s too hot or too cold – you now have the confidence that the setpoint is truly an indication of the room temperature.

Open & Wireless

Designed from the ground up to be robust and flexible, the Q² supports a number of prominent building controls protocols including BACnet, Modbus, and the EnOcean wireless protocol. Coupling the ability to interface with other sensors and controls is the onboard Bluetooth and dedicated app for easy monitoring and commissioning.

Priced for Ubiquity

All that technology is great only when the ROI makes sense. The Q² is priced aggressively to have it be a center point in all of your installations.

Key Features

  • Combines humidity, composite temperature, passive infrared motion, and light sensors in a single device
  • Supports up to 32 EnOcean wireless input devices
  • Supports Modbus and BACnet
  • Bluetooth beacon broadcasts identifiers to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones with the dedicated app installed
  • Audio tones provide user feedback
  • Full-color articulated LED ring provides silent indications to room occupant

Know Your Color Code

Click on the Q² above to see the LED Color Codes interactive diagram.