Quest Controls Remote Site Energy Management Reduce Carbon Footprint Smart Economizer Free Cooling

Quest's Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm

Quest has developed unique technologies to ensure the maximization of energy savings

Adaptive Free Cooling for your Critical Facility

Through the Quest Controls’ patented free-cooling learning algorithm customers have achieved energy savings of up to 25%.

  • The Quest Controls free cooling logic is patented! Available on RSC 1000, ESB2 , and Model 400 platforms.
  • The algorithm optimally adjusts the outside air temperature free cooling setpoint automatically at any site, based on the success of maintaining shelter temps. Automatically adjusting for:
    • Changes in site heat load (ie. add/remove network equipment).
    • Changes in HVAC performance (ie. dirty filters/airflow changes).
  • Free cooling setpoints are available to management systems for performance reporting.
  • Critical Infrastructure teams have visibility to ensure maintenance accountability, settings are correct, and economizers are working optimally.
The Algorithm controls economizers for HVAC systems allowing them to maximize the amount of time outside air is used to maintain the temperature in each zone, thereby saving significant energy costs through free cooling.
  • Reduce required worktime at the site to adjust dampers and economizer controls
  • Save energy by reducing HVAC compressor run times.
  • Ensure optimum operating conditions for critical equipment.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • No additional training requirements.

In a side-by-side comparison between Quest and a standard lead/lag control system, Quest utilized free cooling over a 24-hour period regularly versus none by the legacy system.

Since 1989, Quest Controls has built on their flexible management technology to develop unique in-house products and services to ensure the maximization of energy savings. Our offerings feature:

  • High quality, scalable hardware control solutions from small huts to data centers
  • Patented learning algorithms for free-cooling and other HVAC runtime reducing solutions
  • OspreyFMS for enterprise-class quality analytics and automation for dynamic adaption based on changing energy and environmental scenarios

Quest Controls solution goes beyond standard control with an emphasis on maximizing energy efficiency through runtime reductions and pushing service savings through greater visibility.

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