The future of building & environmental management

The COSYS line of application and system controls is the technology platform for converging disparate systems.  Built on next generation hardware, the COSYS line affords the flexibility and expandability required in today’s building networks. Our suite of controls are suitable for managing HVAC, lighting and other power systems in the smallest to the largest of buildings.

  • COSYS controls can be administered by personnel on site and do not require an authorized technology for ongoing management.
  • Controls natively speak BACnet and have options for SNMP and Modbus.
  • Broad line of controls suitable for almost any power, environmental, or HVAC system.

For the greatest flexibility, security and redundancy, the COSYS line is without peer.

COSYS Q2 - IoT Technology

The COSYS Q² system is the first system that feels contemporary – leveraging current technology without feeling gimmicky. This IoT system allows for a mix of wired and wireless communications for effectively blanketing your facility in sensors and controls, increasing visibility and providing comprehensive management options.

QCS System Controllers

Designed with a number of options to meet any specific facility I/O requirements, our system controls afford the maximum flexibility redundancy by both storing logic and scheduling locally and remotely. The controllers includes Ethernet connectivity for remote offsite communications through BACnet IP to OspreyFMS or a designated BACnet capable server.

QCA Application Controllers

Similar to the QCS System Controllers, our application controllers offer numerous I/O options suitable for almost any scenario. Controls include set logic options or the ability to accept custom logic.

QCL Lighting Systems

Our Lighting Systems include UL approved controls and panels for handling lighting scenarios from the simplest to the most complicated. All scheduling and logic are locally stored.

QCA Network Sensors

Designed to be installed in the zone, each QCA Sensor is capable of user lockout and restricted functional access. Buttons can also be mapped for specific routines.

WREN Wireless Sensors

The Quest WREN Wireless IoT Sensors are designed for maximum lifespan, longest range, and top-of-the-line security. Instead of worrying about battery life, data integrity, or reliability, you can focus on the steady stream of facility-related data coming in.