The Quest approach delivers upon its promise. Our intelligent and controlled solutions provide proven value to every client we serve.

It takes more than technology to save money.

It takes a fusion of expertise, attentiveness, action, and technology to be truly successful. Maximum energy optimization comes through an ongoing vigilance to facility operations, equipment performance, and climatic variables.

Energy Savings Projects are like gym memberships. The membership card in our pocket has little value if we continue to sit watching TV, eating our favorite snacks. We must alter our habits and exercise regularly to get fit. Likewise, energy efficiency takes more than upgrading controls. Changes in operational expectations and ongoing monitoring & optimization are required to see real results.

Quest Controls understands what is required for project success from end-to-end. We have the in-house expertise to correctly engineer, specify, commission, monitor, and optimize any energy initiative. Our COSYS Application & System Controls and our enterprise monitoring & analysis platform, OspreyFMS, provide the perfect tools to effectively manage operations.

Through our holistic approach to energy efficiency, we regularly see initial savings of over 20% and, through our optimization services, an additional 15% savings.

OspreyDCM rolls up your data at the portfolio, building, room, row, or equipment level to effectively anticipate what you want to see. By tailoring each tier to a specific focus, it allows for increased engagement and a more compelling overall experience. Monitoring can be pleasant.


What you want and what we offer may not always be the same. We focus on adaptation and flexibility. We will work together on the best solution – whether our own technology, another manufacturer or even using your legacy systems. The important thing is meeting what you need and making sure the project is a success.


The right technology ensures lasting returns. By making wise investments upfront you better future proof your decisions. New software algorithms, functionality, or analysis tools can easily leverage the right hardware. We understand the reach of IoT and that the system of controls & sensors installed will provide quality information on costs, performance, and efficiency well into the future.


We don’t stop at HVAC and Lighting. All power systems are considered and quantified for targeted savings,  including coolers, vendor & industry specific equipment, dispensers, make-up air, and vents. By looking at the entire energy “pie”, rather than just a slice, we generate larger savings.


Ultimately it comes to dollars and cents. How much does this solution save me in energy use, maintenance and prolonging equipment life? We recognize that in working with commercial buildings there are lease considerations, return on investment requirements, and a need to maintain a superior experience for your customers. All those factors are a part of the savings equation.


Guest comfort is paramount. Learn how Quest Controls can save money, while maintaining the highest level of customer comfort.


Quest Controls provides a complete solution for assessment, technology, monitoring and management for a broad range of retail facilities. 


With tighter margins, and decreased lease durations finding a suitable energy conservation strategy becomes increasingly more difficult.  Learn how Quest Controls can help you navigate these new dynamics.

Quest Controls tailors its services and technology to pay for itself quickly, typically providing Commercial customers a return on their investment, typically in less than 18 months. We also offer a suite of pricing and financing programs that won’t dramatically cut your profit margin, from leasing programs to savings-based compensation; we’ll find an option that works for you.

Customers first is a creed that most successful companies follow. That’s why enhanced building comfort is an important part of the Quest solution, along with increasing your bottom line.

Our tailored hardware and dynamic software offerings detect issues before customers or employees even notice, and notify management of necessary changes. It will help you reduce energy and service costs and save on unnecessary capital purchases.

The Quest solution features:

  • A breadth of technology to accommodate nearly any HVAC system.
  • Intuitive interface that is accessible from any Internet-accessible location.
  • 24/7monitoring of alarms and equipment for peak performance assurance and maximized savings.
  • Low-cost installation.
  • Software and hardware that are remotely updateable, making them “future-proof.”
  • Open communications protocol (BACnet).