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Quest’s Hardware & Software Extends Advanced Monitoring Available for Data Centers to Edge Computing

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Quest’s OspreyFMS® Enterprise Dashboard allows users to leverage monitored data for a deeper dive and a smarter analysis of performance-based metrics. Multi-site alarming synergies, energy use predictions and cost analysis are all at your fingertips.


Quest’s TELSEC® Family of Controllers monitor critical equipment and environment for edge computing/colocations, cabinets, closets, cages, and small rooms: temperature, humidity, intrusion, fire/smoke, DC & AC power, ATS, generators, fuel level, inverters, UPS, battery strings, and other critical systems.

The rapid development of IoT combined with applications requiring instantaneous computing power, drives the need for edge computing systems.

Quest’s hardware, software, and services provide a superior level of monitoring, security, and reporting. Quest’s suite of products increase reliability and reduce operating costs.

With 30+ years of experience in remote monitoring, Quest has the knowledge to keep your Edge Computing facilities operating at peak performance.


Edge Computing in Critical Infrastructures comes with challenges:

  • Harsh Environment—Cell Towers, Roofs, Light poles, Unconditioned Spaces, geographically diverse and divergent locations.
  • Unstaffed facilities with reduced space and security
  • Limited technical support staff

Quest Controls Total Solution to Those Challenges Provides:

  • Complete Remote Visibility for Optimal Performance of Edge equipment
  • Environmental and Power Visibility of Colocation Facilities
  • Monitoring and Analysis of PDU and Power Systems
  • Standby/Backup Power Monitoring and Notification
  • Rack and Equipment Temperature Trending and Notification
  • Environmental Monitoring for Temperature, Humidity, Leak Detection and Intrusion
  • Reporting for Billing and Compliance
  • Assurance of Operation and Security
  • Cost-Effective, Easy Installation and Operation (Turnkey Installation Available)
  • Cooling Monitoring and Control with Optimization

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