QES – Quest Engineering Services

Engineering excellence from conception to execution

Controls technology is just a facilitator. To achieve optimal performance and to maximize savings, it takes knowledge, attention, and communication. Quest Engineering Services utilize best practices, established and emerging, to look at every facet of the equipment and facility operations and create a savings plan to assure that you save and continue saving into the future.


Technology Agnostic

QES works with you on creating the best energy management solution. We look beyond HVAC into all of your power systems as well as review your current controls technology for suitability. Our line of COSYS Application & System Controls are well suited for any project, but we recognize that new controls may be unnecessary. Your best interest is our top priority.

Tailored Monitoring & Savings Strategies

By moving from solely focusing on HVAC and lighting and into analyzing all of your power systems, and ensuring maximized savings. Each project is developed with an ROI of twenty-four months or less. You can expect a reduction of 15 – 20% in energy costs upon commissioning and assurances of further future savings.


Best-in-Class Installation & Commissioning

Our installation teams are located throughout North America. The QES works closely with each team to verify and validate consistency from site-to-site. We remotely program settings and schedules to maintain uniformity throughout the portfolio.


20% reductions in energy use is great, but we can do better. Our customers have consistently seen 25 – 40% in reductions through our optimization expertise. Working closely together with you we consult and recommend initiatives and modifications that further save without impacting the customer environment.