RSC ACX ‑ Expansion Module

Used to Expand the number of HVAC Units controlled by the RSC 1000™

Expands RSC 1000 to support up to four HVAC units

Same primary HVAC controls as found in the base RSC 1000

Equipped with local zone temp control in case of communication failure

RSC 1000™ Remote Site Controller


The RSC ACX is an expansion module designed to control HVAC systems and communicate with the RSC 1000 to expand its capability.

Up to two ACX modules can be networked to the RSC 1000 to control up to four HVAC systems. The ACX has the same control capability as the RSC 1000 to provide universal support for multiple HVAC systems. Systems that are single stage, two stage, direct expansion, heat pumps, Economizers and variable speed fans are supported to provide optimum control and reduce operating costs. The RSC 1000 setup wizard will allow the user to select the number of HVAC units and control modes desired for lead/lag operation and number of HVAC units to include in the lead group.

The ACX can be powered from the HVAC system or from a separate DC plant. The expansion module supports a separate zone/return air sensor for monitoring and control if the network communications fail. The system will maintain a user selectable temperature in standalone mode.


Specifications for the RSC ACX

Part Number 151045

Mounting Wall mount Inputs 3 dry contact digital inputs (Normally Open/Closed) 3 Thermistor

Inputs (10k Type3), and 1 0-20 mA sensor

Digital Outputs 6 digital outputs - (4 SPST, 2 SPDT) 8 Amp at 250 VAC, 5 Amp at 300 VDC

Analog Outputs 2 analog outputs 0-10 VDC

Power 24 VAC power from HVAC 18-65 VDC

Serial Port RS-485 (2 wire) for communication to the RSC 1000

I/O Terminals 2 piece pull-off terminals for all field wiring

Temperature Sensor Temp: ±1°F (±0.5°C)

Ambient Operating Temp 23° to 131°F (-5° to 55°C), 0-95% RH Non-condensing

Dimensions 10”W x 7.1”H x 2”D (254 x 180 x 51 mm)

Weight 3 lb. (1.4 kg)

Warranty 1 year

I/O Summary

Analog Inputs: 4
Zone / Return Sensor: 1
HVAC Supply Temp: 1
HVAC Mixed Air Temp: 1
4-20mA Inputs HVAC Current: 1
Digital Inputs: 3
Low Voltage HVAC Power Loss: 1
HVAC Lockout Monitor: 1
Fan/Filter/Econ Status: 1

Digital Outputs
Digital Outputs for Control: 6
HVAC Supply Fan: 1
HVAC Cool 1: 1
HVAC Cool 2: 1
HVAC Heat 1: 1
HVAC Emergency Vent: 1
HVAC Auxiliary (SPDT): 1

Analog Outputs
HVAC Economizer Damper: 1
HVAC Supply Fan: 1

Available Sensors

Part Number: 150681 Zone temperature sensor (thermistor) Indoor wall mount enclosure

Part Number: 150749 Zone temperature sensor (thermistor)/ Humidity (3%/4-20mA) Wall Mount

Part Number: 300199 Supply air temperature (thermistor) sensor, bell box duct mount with 8” probe

Part Number: 300781 Fan Run Monitor – Split Core Current Sensor (on/off) – Solid state switch, SPST, 30VAC/DC, 0.4 Amps max (terminal strip, accepts #14-22 AWG wire), 0.35-150 Amp

Part Number: 150979 Dirty Filter Monitor – Differential Pressure Switch

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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