Power System Management

Superior monitoring & alarming of PDUs, DC Plants & UPSs

The OspreyDCM Platform

The OspreyDCM platform is the next-gen approach to monitoring & managing large volumes of power equipment - PDUs, DC Plants or UPSs - through a streamlined, intuitive interface. OspreyDCM's greatest asset is its focus on presenting easy-to-decipher, real-time, critical data without overwhelming the user. Through OspreyDCM’s unique approach, users can expect increased uptimes, workload reductions, operational clarity, and increased serviceability.


The completely customizable dashboard gives each user the ability to tailor the experience to their specific interests or job responsibilities.

  • Intuitive interface means little to no training to utilize the software
  • Modules for maps, plans, alarms, trends, equipment level details and more
  • Integrated reporting means less required navigation

OspreyDCM rolls up your data at the portfolio, building, room, row, or equipment level to effectively anticipate what you want to see. By tailoring each tier to a specific focus, it allows for increased engagement and a more compelling overall experience. Monitoring can be pleasant.


Graphical Representation

OspreyDCM provides a suite of drag & drop tools for designing graphical representations of your building and elevations for racks and rows.

  • Automated hierarchies with roll-up values and alerts at each tier
  • Support for unlimited drawings, photos, renderings and points
  • Automated adjustments to your plans based on defined groups and equipment

Alarm Monitoring

Quest Controls has built their company on offering the most robust options for alarming. OspreyDCM leverages much more sophistication out of customized messaging, unlimited alarm trigger conditions, and numerous delivery options.

  • Options for SNMP TRAP filtering or utilizing OspreyDCM as an alarm poller
  • Unlimited number of alarm conditions including multi-site event criteria

Hardware Agnostic

Through a robust library of manufacturer options, OspreyDCM connects directly to almost any power system through uts auto-discovery tools. If your SNMP communicating PDU,
DC-Plant or UPS is not in our library, we’ll get it integrated for your project, guaranteed.

  • BACnet, Modbus and MQTT protocols available as options
  • Environmental, HVAC, and other system support available through OspreyFMS upgrade


All the tools, all in one place. No need to contract out help – configuring a piece of equipment is as easy as selecting it from a drop-down.

  • Auto-discovery tools for commissioning your equipment in five minutes or less
  • Advanced configuration options for refining settings and aliasing equipment and points
  • All tools are visually based and available directly within OspreyDCM

OspreyDCM App & API

Your collected data increases in value when it is available to other software and systems.

  • OspreyDCM API allows for easy data interchange with current and future applications
  • Android & iOS apps increases flexibility of when and how the data is engaged

Low Cost to Entry

Available as both a one-time license or subscription option, our best-in-industry pricing gets the streamlined features of OspreyDCM into your enterprise quickly and efficiently.

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