Remote Monitoring & Control Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Quest Controls is the leader in providing reliable and innovative solutions for monitoring and managing critical infrastructure. The Quest solution combines real-time management with advanced communication technologies to optimize performance and efficiency. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve long-term energy savings beyond the initial benefits of their control system. Our customers have reported savings of 15–35% with our solution.

Quest can help you meet your budget goals with our remote monitoring and control solutions for critical infrastructures. Our experts will evaluate your needs and provide the best solutions for your situation.

New Product Release!

MODEL 600 Lead/Lag Controller

The Model 600 Lead/Lag controller provides the best low-cost HVAC automation solution for your critical facility. Replace Old Antiquated or Obsolete Control Systems with an Intelligent Controller that Provides Remote Communication.

  • Can be configured to control most HVAC systems such as single stage, two stage or heat pump systems

  • Designed to work with existing HVAC economizer control modules using Quest’s patented Economizer control algorithm

  • Powered from both HVAC 24VAC transformers

  • Additional 24 or 48VDC power source supported

TELSEC CEV Controller

The TELSEC® CEV Panel provides an integrated monitoring solution to monitor and control all environmental and equipment alarming in a remote underground CEV. For new construction and retrofit applications.

  • Decreases energy costs via intelligent HVAC control strategies.
  • Eliminates downtime by acting as an early warning system.
  • Reduces capital expenditures by replacing multiple devices to accomplish the same task.
  • Extends life of critical operating equipment including air conditioners, generators and power equipment.
  • Provides remote visibility to eliminate on-site visits. 
  • Supports network safety with advanced security features.

Quest's Hardware, Software & Services Save Energy at Your Critical Facilities

Quest Controls designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of monitoring, control, and test solutions for the telecommunications, cable, utilities, data centers, hospitals, and commercial industries.

For over 30 years, Quest products have proved reliable and robust. Our products have a well-earned reputation for operating in the field for decades.

Product offerings include hardware and enterprise-class software that provides remote visibility of a site’s operating condition. The TELSEC® product family and OspreyFMS®, provide actionable alarming, monitoring, control, and testing of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure smooth and continuous operation.

Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services, as well as monitoring and service contracts.


The TELSEC® CPM—Critical Monitoring & Alarming Made Easy for Remote Sites without Network Connectivity

Provides cellular network connectivity to monitor environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, intrusion, AC & DC power, ATS, generators, fuel level, and other critical systems found in small remote locations such as cell tower sites, microwave sites, repeater sites and equipment cabinets.

TELSEC MP3—Critical Monitoring & Alarming Simplified

The TELSEC MP3 is designed to address the monitoring and alarming requirements of critical infrastructure equipment used in Utility, Telecommunications, and Cable/Broadband manned and unmanned facilities. The compact intuitive system will monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, intrusion, DC power plants, generators, fuel level, energy usage, and other critical systems found in remote cabinets and shelters.

The TELSEC MP3 has an Ethernet port for network communications and an optional LTE cellular modem for sites that do not have network connectivity

Enterprise Facility Management

OspreyFMS is the premier platform for integrating divergent controls systems into a single, unified interface. This consolidated experience allows users to leverage monitored data for a deeper dive and a smarter analysis. This energy management software has multi-site alarming synergies, energy use predictions, and cost analysis all at your fingertips. OspreyFMS acts as the engine that predicts savings opportunities, pending failures, and anomalies otherwise impossible on a site-by-site basis.

HVAC Economizer Algorithm

Explore One of our Top Savings Strategies: Adaptive Free Cooling for your Building

Customers earn a fast payback and a high ROI by using Quest’s Smart Adaptive Control Algorithm in their remote sites.  

  • Reduce required worktime at the site to adjust dampers and economizer controls
  • Save energy by reducing HVAC compressor run times.
  • Ensure optimum operating conditions for critical equipment.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • No additional training requirements.

Edge Computing

Quest's Total Solution

With 30+ years of experience in remote monitoring, Quest has the knowledge to keep your Edge Computing facilities operating at peak performance! Quest's remote monitoring & control solutions for critical infrastructures makes the difference.

Industries Served

Clients like Verizon, AT&T and Cincinnati Bell have been trusting Quest Controls for more than 20 years with their remote monitoring needs.

Quest is the leading supplier of monitoring and control systems for the MSO market including Comcast, TWC, Cox, Charter, Suddenlink and many other MSO’s.

Quest products offer you higher reliability, early detection of critical problems, remote interrogation and full visibility of your substations and remote sites.

In-depth facility monitoring is crucial to meeting key healthcare objectives such as supporting reliable power, addressing rising energy demand, and ensuring systems meet evolving standards and requirements.

Quest Controls provides DCIM, turnkey installation, data management, and ongoing services to ensure savings are generated and critical information from the Data Center is accessible.

The Quest approach delivers upon its promise. Our intelligent and controlled solutions provide proven value to every client we serve.