QCA-ZV44 Application Controller

COSYS Building Controls


Our COSYS Application and System Controls work along with our enterprise software platform OspreyFMS to provide a meaningful context.

The QCA-ZV44 is a native BACnet® controller with an integrated airflow sensor and damper actuator for VAV applications, available in both configurable and fully programmable versions.
The ZV44 communicates using BACnet MS/TP on its RS-485 main LAN port. 


  • Local scheduling, trending, and alarming support
  • Built-in configurable VAV algorithms for quick setup and commissioning
  • Programmable option allows customization for
    non-standard sequences or repurposing unused I/O
  • Universal outputs provide flexibility for any combination of analog, binary, or floating output stages
  • Firmware upgrade and database load / save over the network
  • RS-485 subLAN supports up to 4 DNS or eZNS LINKnet network sensors, or up to 4 EnOcean devices with addition of a CON-ENOC EnOcean gateway


The QCA-ZV44 covers a wide range of VAV configurations including multi-stage reheat with analog, binary or floating control, and series or parallel fan boxes.
The QCA-ZV44 includes built-in algorithms that are easy to configure for typical VAV/VVT applications.
The QCA-ZV44 is a fully programmable model that allows you to either create your own completely custom zone programs or modify the built-in algorithm’s behavior.


BACnet Device Profile
BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)

4 Universal Inputs (12-bit), software configurable for:
0-5 VDC
0-10 VDC
10 kΩ Thermistor
Dry Contact (using 10 kΩ Thermistor jumper setting)

4 Universal Outputs, software configurable for:

Analog 0-10 VDC, 5 mA max 24 VAC TRIAC, 0.5 A max

Airflow Sensor
0-2 in. True Differential pressure sensor

Actuator I/O
1 Universal Input for actuator feedback
1 Universal Output and 1 TRIAC Output for damper control. Supports analog or floating actuator types.

Actuator Options
Belimo (-AB / -AFB)
5 Nm (45 in-lbs) nominal torque Optional Position Feedback

Siemens (-AS / -ASB)
5 Nm (44 in-lbs) nominal torque Optional Position Feedback

Device Addressing
Set via DIP switches and jumpers, or software setup

Removable screw-type terminal connectors

Wiring Class
Class 2 / SELV

Flow sensor tubing must be ⁵⁄₃₂ in. inside diameter

24 VAC, 50/60 Hz
85 VA max. (11 VA excluding TRIAC loading)

ARM Cortex M3 CPU
1 MB Flash
256 KB RAM

Communications Ports
RS-485 NET1
BACnet MS/TP @ 38400 or 76800 bps (default)

0°-55°C (32° to 131°F)
10-95% RH (non-condensing)

QCA-ZV44 with actuator:
20.4 x 15.7 x 7.4 cm (8.1 x 6.2 x 2.9 in.)
QCA-ZV44 without actuator:
12.2 x 17.5 x 4.2 cm (4.8 x 6.9 x 1.7 in.)

900g (2.0 lb) with actuator
250g (0.55 lb) without actuator

FCC Class B


Order the QCA-ZV44 with the desired options according to the following product numbers:

QCA-ZV44   Configurable VAV Controller—4x UI, 4x UO, with onboard DP sensor

QCA-ZVP44 Programmable VAV Controller—4x UI, 4x UO, with onboard DP sensor