IoT – Turning Data into Information

The future of building & environmental management

The words “IoT”, “Industrial Internet”, “Internet of Everything” or “M2M” roughly mean the same thing – an overwhelming prevalence of centrally-communicating sensors and controls brought on by the increasingly lower costs of monitoring technologies. Projections indicate that machine to machine communications will grow exponentially in scope and traffic in the coming years. 

With understanding that, everyone feels the same way — “I love the idea! But, how do I begin? What do I do with it once I have it?”


Quest has been installing its hardware sensors, monitors and controls throughout the World since 1989. We appreciate, as few currently do, how important it is to be able to take the data and distill it into something relevant and usable.

Our COSYS Application and System Controls working along with our enterprise software platform OspreyFMS provides that meaningful context. A suite of analytics reports as well as integrated maps & tools truly provide a complete picture facility health and performance.


Key Features:

  • OspreyFMS is completely hardware agnostic
  • OspreyFMS is compatible with established BMS protocols such as BACnet & Modbus, SNMP network protocol, and the emerging IoT protocol MQTT
  • A suite of reports designed to extend beyond “simple answers” and truly dig into the nuance of minor performance & environmental deviations to forecast issues
  • OspreyFMS API for integrating into other enterprise platforms
  • COSYS Application & System Controls for enhancing visibility & management