Keypad/Card Reader

Monitoring, Control & Test Solutions for Telecom


TELSEC Controllers provide an integrated surveillance solution to monitor and control all environmental and access control functions and equipment alarming.

Acting as your smart eyes and ears, the TELSEC delivers large savings and quick payback.


The Quest Tower Light Monitoring Panel interfaces directly with the TELSEC® Controller to provide constant monitoring of tower lights. Designed to provide safe, reliable and long life monitoring and alarming for most tower applications. All models include a NEMA 4 outdoor enclosure and a calibrated light level sensor for monitoring day/night switching.


The combination keypad/card reader offers Wiegand protocol interface compatibility with the TELSEC®family of products. To provide an additional level of security, the reader is the first to offer an optional, fully integrated personal identification number keypad, weatherized for outdoor applications.

Mounting holes fit standard single-gang switch boxes (vertically mounted) to simplify installation. When mounted to metal, a selectable jumper setting provides for improved performance.

The combination keypad/card reader is sealed in a rugged, weatherized polycarbonate enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments, as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance. This allows the reader to be easily installed in any location, even with the optional keypad.

The keypad/card reader includes a tamper switch to provide electronic notification of reader tampering. The reader recognizes over 13 billion unique codes. The keypad/card reader interfaces with the host system by sending the keypad data over the data output lines. This offers the ability to mimic a card being presented to the reader.


Part Number – 300143
Typical Maximum Read Range – Up to 9” (23mm)
Dimensions – 5.0” x 5.0” x 1.0” (127 x 127 x 25mm)
Material – Polycarbonate UL 94
Power Supply – 10-28.5 VDC, reverse voltage protection included (powered from TELSEC® products)
Current Requirements – Current (DC), average 100mA, peak 160mA
Operating Temperature – -22° to 150°F (-30° to 65°C)
Operating Humidity – 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Weight – 12 oz. (336g)
Transmit Frequency – 125 kHz
Warranty – 90 Days

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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