Volume 1 / Issue 1

Quest Launches First Internal Newsletter

Hello, everyone. You are receiving the inaugural edition of the Quest Quarterly. The Q2 is designed to inform, share, and keep all Quest employees connected. I have asked Clay Goggin and Grace Hager to jump start this publication and to follow a format that will support a positive image keeping everyone engaged. As the name suggests, the Quest Quarterly will be distributed every three months. However, special editions may be published as needed. With the support of all employees, I am confident the Q2 will grow in content and scope. You can submit your ideas directly to the editors! I hope you and your families enjoy each edition.

— Ed Goggin


OspreyFMS© Moves to the Next Level

Over the past year, OspreyFMS has undergone major changes. Some changes are apparent on the new dashboards; other changes are behind the scenes. The architecture of the software has been completely redesigned using new technologies that will allow OspreyFMS to move to the next level.  Improved data processing speed, software scalability, and platform reliability are some of the enhancements that come with the new software architecture. In addition to the improvements under the hood, there have been many enhancements to the UI. Some of the new features include an updated dashboard interface, live reports, site plans, and heat mapping. The intuitive user experience continues to make OspreyFMS a leader in the industry. The upcoming release will continue to set Quest apart from the competition. OspreyFMS 4.0 is due to be released in the first quarter of 2020. However, there will be an interim release of OspreyFMS 3.4 in the coming months. OspreyFMS 3.4 will provide a preview of many of the new features being added in the 4.0 release. When OspreyFMS 3.4 is officially released, the Osprey team will set up a live demo for all employees to see firsthand the new features and enhancements. [OspreyFMS]

– Scott Hicks

Quest Partners with Regional Reps

Quest Controls, Inc. has recently partnered with three companies to sell Quest products. The decision was made as a means of achieving a broader, better-defined customer base, deeper market penetration, and increased sales. The companies are ComTech, Giganet, and TERACOM. The names of all sales representatives, including their respective regions, can be found on our website. [Contacts]


Rural Utilities Explore Broadband Services in Underserved Areas

Many rural utilities are continuing to explore building broadband services in underserved and not-served areas. They are doing this with financial support from the federal government. In August, the federal government announced that $1.48 billion had been awarded to provide service to 713,176 locations in 45 states via a reverse auction process. Based on the normal cost model used, it would have cost about $5,000,000,000 to serve those same locations. At the same time, it was announced that a new Rural Broadband “Opportunity Fund” had been created that will provide up to $20.4 billion over 10 years for broadband and voice services to fixed locations. This fund has minimum performance requirements of speeds of 25/3 Mbps and preferred latency of less than 100ms. [Utilities]

— Harper Anderton

New Osprey Products Tailored to Specific Industry Requirements

Quest continues to dedicate its efforts to the ongoing development and enhancement of the Osprey platform. As part of this effort, Quest has created several new Osprey products that are tailored to specific industry and application requirements. These new products ensure the right features at the best price.

OspreyFMS® is the full-featured granddaddy of all Osprey products. It is intended as the most flexible option. If a customer is looking for environmental control, power system monitoring, and sophisticated alarming & reporting options, this is the best product for them.

OspreyDCM™ has power systems as its focal point. With tools and equipment libraries designed for rapid commissioning, this product line allows users to commission their own PDU’s, UPS’s and DC Plants within Osprey in minutes. It is intuitively laid out for easy monitoring and management of equipment.

OspreyDCIS™ is a comprehensive monitoring, alarming, and testing tool for DOCSIS power supplies. Limited in scope, the intent is to efficiently engage users in the daunting task of managing the numerous DOCSIS power supplies throughout their portfolio.

OspreyDMS™ is a server-based tool for managing and configuring Quest Control's TELSEC line of products. It allows for easy automatic firmware updates, as well as changes to the TELSEC confirmation settings remotely through one centralized location.

[OspreyFMS, OspreyDCM]

— Ben Shipley


Quest Ventures into the 5G Marketplace

Over the last few months, Quest has been working with Valmont Industries, Inc. to develop a control system for their utility poles. Valmont is a market leader in providing utility poles (mainly streetlamp poles) for the United States and in many other parts of the world. For 5G Networks to reach the promised potential, there must be a dense network of access nodes (ANs) in an urban environment. Valmont’s plan is to provide their poles with the ability to fit multiple radios and ANs inside of them. The system that Quest has developed will control DC fans using variable speed to provide airflow and cooling for multiple zones inside the pole. By controlling multiple fans per zone, Valmont can obtain the desired airflow at a lower speed, thereby reducing the noise attributed to the fans. This also provides a level of redundancy in case a fan fails. The second round of prototypes have been completed and the first order for controllers will be later this month or in November. Quest expects that this product will have tremendous success in the coming years as 5G deployment continues to escalate.

— Ken Nickel

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In the News

Quest recently received a Patent for its Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm. The first two products to employ the algorithm are the RSC 1000™ and the TELSEC® ESB.
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Out & About

September and October are busy months on the trade show circuit. By the end of the month, Quest will have participated in seven (7) shows, from Florida to Wisconsin to Texas.

Pictured above is Ritchie B., Dennis L., and Jennifer H. at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in New Orleans.
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Moving Forward 

Event coordinators are busy preparing for the Quest Annual Meeting to be held in late January or early February of 2020. Exact dates will be announced via email.