Find out how a small-box retailer saved over 20% in energy costs through remote monitoring & control.

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OspreyDCM rolls up your data at the portfolio, building, room, row, or equipment level to effectively anticipate what you want to see. By tailoring each tier to a specific focus, it allows for increased engagement and a more compelling overall experience. Monitoring can be pleasant.

The volatility of the retail market can make long-term facility-related decisions hard to commit to. Lease concerns, shared infrastructure and thin operating budgets often put increased efficiency and energy management at the wayside.

However, knowing the following is important: Retail companies spend approximately $20 billion on energy each year. Just a 10% reduction in energy costs for the average full-line discount retailer can boost net profit margins by as much as 1.55% and increase sales per square foot by $25.*

Quest Controls has tailored their services and technology to be affordable and immediately productive for retail customers, typically providing them with a return on their investment in less than 18 months – even at facilities with monthly energy costs of $1,000 or less.


Quest Controls provides a complete solution for assessment, technology, monitoring and management for a broad range of retail facilities. You no longer need numerous staff members on hand for energy audits, ongoing optimization, service dispatch and monitoring because Quest is there is provide end-to-end care that gives you the assurance that your facility is running at peak performance, beginning with a pre-installation audit of your entire facility, including light and HVAC. Still, we still understand the need for on-site employees to have some control for day-to-day decisions. Our approachable interface is practical for use these employees who may have with little technical experience.

The Quest solution features:

  • Easy-to-install controls with intuitive monitoring and programming interface.
  • Centralized server communication for managing hundreds of sites simultaneously.
  • Energy audits of your facility by qualified engineers who make recommendations for lighting improvements, controls and other building-related modifications.
  • Utilities negotiations for the best rates and demand-response programs.
  • Assist in meeting requirements to earn maximum credits for various sustainability programs.