Guaranteeing consistent facility peak performance and management, all at a price appropriate to the budgets of a commercial market.

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OspreyFMS®–Enterprise Facility Management

Comprehensive management & analysis of all your restaurant systems



The future of building & environmental management


QES-Quest Engineering Services

Engineering excellence for restaurants conception to execution


QNOC–Restaurant Monitoring Services

Top-Tier Facility Management and Remote Remediation

Quest Controls has established itself as a thought-leader and innovator in restaurant equipment management and monitoring. We provide restaurants with the engineering, hardware, software and expertise for a tailored, comprehensive solution suitable for aggressive payback requirements, compatibility with legacy systems and tight industry regulations.


A medium-sized restaurant chain in the Western US has been taking advantage of Quest Controls Energy Management System and Monitoring Service for the past 3 years to effectively reduce both energy usage and operational costs due to unnecessary service and repair calls.


Prolonged operating hours. Kitchen equipment that requires active HVAC. Rigorous standards for food safety. Specific lighting requirements. No one has to tell you what a drain energy costs can be on a restaurant’s budget.

There is a way. A comprehensive assessment of your building offers you insight and savings that you never thought were possible. Quest Services brings a team of qualified engineers to conduct a review of your building and its lighting and HVAC systems to determine potential areas of optimization and provide cost-effective recommendations for a coordinated approach between the appropriate hardware and a tailored software services to increase your bottom-line.

Our services don’t stop there – we’ll negotiate your utility rates and research cost-saving programs that you may be able to take advantage of. Through a broad sweep of assessments, we can clearly demonstrate the immediate value that a few modifications can bring.

We also understand gathering funds can be a challenge. That’s why we provide a suite of pricing and financing programs, from leasing programs to savings-based compensation; we’ll find an option that works for you.


The Quest solution features:

  • Regular review of building performance to determine areas of peak performance and areas where savings can be maximized.
  • Performance tracking and reports on exceptions, compliance and successes with your building equipment.
  • Intelligent dispatch to minimize repeat visits and ensure quick responses when you need assistance.
  • Trend of service calls, frequency of equipment maintenance & performance reports.
  • Demand Control Lighting hardware that reduces electrical consumption without an impact on the building environment.
  • Automated adjustments to minimize consumption based on electrical demand.
  • Sensors for providing feedback on virtually any point in your building.
  • Sophisticated alarming with dispatch to the appropriate responsible party.
  • OspreyFMS® interface is available from any Internet-connected location.
  • Integration with utility payment software.