Convenience Stores

Find out how a small-box retailer saved over 20% in energy costs through remote monitoring & control.

Convenience Stores have the combined challenges of prolonged operating hours and a high kW per square foot. The numerous types of revenue generating & environmental equipment makes applying a general solution daunting, if not impossible.


With the many disparate systems in the c-store realm, we understand that while a general solution is a good start it only represents a fraction of the solution, and that a suitable solution only comes through careful consultation and consideration to the many unique requirements of the space.


Energy reductions may seem elusive but with our wholistic approach of managing all the systems (HVAC, Coolers, dispensers, pumps, lighting, hot dog rollers, vendor supplied equipment, intrusion, UPS, etc.) and monitoring their health and costs of running of those equipment in real-time.

If you are just managing HVAC and Lighting at a C-store you’re only getting 30% of the picture. For a management solution to be of value, you have to look beyond at all the equipment consuming power…

Power Systems Management

We don’t consider ourselves as a BMS manufacturer. We monitor & manage all power systems. Our QES team specialize in finding and cultivating solutions that suits the unique requirements to each system and its use within the facility. Couple that with the ability to roll-in multi-state routines & schedules ensures peak operation and maximum savings.


Power Backup

Extending beyond management, protecting your sensitive assets and ensuring ongoing operation are most important. Quest Controls’ line of top quality UPS’s that only protect by seamlessly integrate into the management system to maintain uptime and readiness.


Operating Costs

Utilizing unique algorithms within our OspreyFMS software provides a window into the costs for running each piece of equipment in real-time. This working hand-in-hand with our enterprise level exception reports – give you optimization / replacement targets and project the savings or penalties for action or inaction.



QNOC is a top-tier group of technicians who can answer onsite staff questions, prequalify any potential action and potentially remediate any discoveries. They can work with Quest Controls technology or already installed systems. Most importantly is their focus on business continuity and the mission to allow our customers to focus on their customers and not on facility related issues.