Your Eyes & Ears at the Remote Site

Easily configure, deploy and run this best-in-class platform. Reports on battery discharge health, generator status, fuel levels, municipal compliance are all available at a click.


OspreyFMS Has The Tools Your Company's Needs

Remote Visibility

From dashboard to reports, Osprey is designed to digest & present data from all your locations. Technicians can review & troubleshoot alarms prior to site visit.

Custom Dashboards

Modules for maps, plans, alarms, trends, equipment level detail & more. Intuitive, flexible, user-friendly dashboards include geographic maps, heat maps, site plans, and trend graphs.

Advanced Reporting

Analyze complex data sets & increase asset life through shorter runtimes and fewer cycles plus, early fault detection. Live Reports let you develop report criteria & view it in real-time.

What makes OspreyFMS Best-In-Class

  • Completely hardware agnostic. No costly retrofits or upgrades!
  • Detailed analytics. Detect issues early without having to visit a site!
  • Customizable & scalable. Designed for large & small sites!
  • Highly secure & robust. Connect from anywhere!

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