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Product Specifications

Below is a list all of the products used with links to specification sheets

AT&T Item NumberPart NumberDescription
RSC 1000™ Site Controller Bundle Includes pn#150982-1 RSC 1000, pn#150749 Hum/Temp sensor, pn#300969 66 block, pn#180190 Bridge clips, and pn#300136 Smoke detector
150982-1RSC 1000™ Site Controller, Intelligent Control and Monitoring System for remote facilities with One or Two Air Conditioning Units. The RSC 1000 has a color touch display for status and programming, 10/100 Mb Ethernet for remote communications, thirteen specific digital outputs for controlling up to two HVAC systems, four analog outputs for controlling variable speed fans & dampers and eight digital outputs for alarm contacts. The RSC 1000 also has 10 analog and 10 digital inputs for monitoring and management of the remote site and supports Modbus RTU for interfacing with smart equipment such as power meters and generators.
BLD.10577150681Zone temperature sensor (thermistor), Indoor wall mount enclosure
BLD.10570150749Zone temperature sensor (thermistor)/Humidity (3%/4-20mA) Wall Mount
BLD.10578510049Thermistor 10K bullet probe, 18", Universal sensor used for indoor temp air monitoring applications.
BLD.10579300199Supply/mixed air temperature (thermistor) sensor, bell box duct mount w/8" probe
BLD.10580150747-COutdoor Temperature sensor (thermistor) - Weatherproof
BLD.10569300778Hydrogen Gas Detector (H2, 0-1000 ppm) - Standalone programmable smart gas sensor in NEMA 4X enclosure, 4-line LCD w/backlight screen, integral buzzer, (3) SPDT programmable relays, RS-485 Modbus communication port, (1) 4-20mA analog output, 24/48 VDC or 24 VAC power input (0.3 A).
BLD.1057230096966 Block w/prewired 25pr amphenol, Base, and orange cover
BLD.10571300136Smoke Detector - A low profile, self-diagnostic, four-wire photoelectric smoke detector with a built-in sounder. 12/24VDC
BLD.10574151018Standard Temperature Monitoring Bundle, Includes (2) 8" Duct Mounted Temp Sensors and (1) Wall Mounted Zone Sensor
BLD.10575151019Extended Temperature Monitoring Bundle, Includes (2) 8" Duct Mounted Temp Sensors, (1) Wall Mounted Hum/Temp Sensor, (1) Outdoor Temp Sensor
BLD.10576151013Free Cooling Monitoring Bundle, Includes (2) 8" Duct Mounted Temp Sensors, (1) Wall Mounted Hum/Temp Sensor, (1) Outdoor Temp Sensor and (2) Bullet Prob Temp Sensors
BLD.10573180190Bridge Clips Bag of 100pcs

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